Loss of the complete of partially achieved adhesion at the repair painting process. This loss of adhesion may show immediately after application and drying or will only be visual following some weeks, months or even years.
Causes & Preventions
Polyester body filler applied over etch primer. Apply Polyester body filler only over bare metal or over epoxy primer.
Recommended primer not applied. Apply recommended primer (for aluminium, plastic, galvanized steel) when needed.
Incompatible body filler selection for the substrate. Select the correct body filler related to the substrate.
Insufficiently removed contamination due to unsuitable degreaser use. Use recommended degreasers only (compatible product for substrate).
Contamination wiped on the surface, from contaminated rags used for dry wipe Use two clean cloths, one to dissolve the contamination, one to remove.
Incorrect degreasing technique. Use two clean clothes, and degrease small parts at a time. Wipe off before the degreaser evaporates.
No degreasing at all. Wash with (preferably warm) water and soap and then degrease with recommended degreaser.
Too fine sanding grit selection enhances the risk of loss of adhesion. Sand the repair and feather edge with recommended sanding grit and with standardized sanding paper.
Incorrect mixing of bodyfiller with hardener. Mix according to recommendation. Do not stir when mixing, to avoid air inclusion in the mixture.
Selection of unsuitable hardener. Use recommended dedicated products only.
Selection of too fast thinner (strong over-spray and condensation formation in humid conditions). Select the reducer related too ambient temperature, repair size and air flow.
Too short flash off times between applied layers. Follow recommended application technique;
Apply normal coats, with the right pressure.
Tack between coats, to remove overspray
Stick to the recommended flash off times between coats.


Remove total system to sound layer. If necessary remove the complete applied system and start preparation and application according recommendation.