ABOUT nax Colobo

nax Colobo Spectrophotometer revolves around the principle of accurate colour matches which is easy to use by everyone.
With the help of state of the art LED technology, colour accuracy is enhanced by helping you with optimal positioning and preventing interference from external light sources. A quick integration process and easy operation ensure perfect, reliable results faster.
nax Colobo addresses the most important challenge a collision repair centre faces, that is, achieving 100% colour accuracy. nax Colobo is the finest colour checking device that makes coluor matching faster and easier than ever.

Key features

  • Accurate colour match
  • Based on latest LED optical technology
  • Searches wide range of colour variants to provide closest match within seconds
  • Ergonomically designed easy to use compact, robust and user friendly device
  • Compatible with Paint Partner software with internet connectivity

How to use